What If The Hokey Pokey Song Had It Right?

Good morning beautiful W3,


On to the hokey pokey!! I like simple. When life starts to become really complex and complicated I am not at my best. And so, I look for ways to simplify.

Usually it starts with a clean and a purge. You know the kind, where you remove everything from a room and put it back one by one, cleaner than it was before, and permanently remove things that no longer hold significance for you. This clears up my mind and became a signal for my family that this was time to give me space lol …. their room could be next!

So for some reason I can’t completely explain the song “The Hokey Pokey” was on my mind this morning. So simple right? A catchy little tune that I know for sure will be playing on repeat for days but that’s ok … because the final lines are my new mantra.

You put your whole self in,
You put your whole self out,
You put your whole self in,
And you shake it all about.

You do the hokey-pokey and
You turn yourself around,
THAT’S what it’s all about!

What if, beautiful W3 … that IS what it’s all about? What if we didn’t play half-way? What if we didn’t waffle or ride the fence? What if we were just all IN … or all OUT? How would that change your life in significant ways?

I am starting today. We have our family dinner, and I am going to be ALL in. No distractions, no daydreaming, no tuning out of conversations, no numbing myself to triggers AND no re-ACTING to them either. Just present … there … active …. vibrant … joyful …. IN.

And you know what else … I’m also choosing something to be all OUT of. I have been trying to reconnect with a “friend”. I’ve been doing my part … kind, giving, empathetic, forgiving – with no response. Not even a polite one word response.

This person isn’t sick, or fallen down a well (so to speak). Responding to me to stay connected just clearly isn’t important to them. That’s ok. I will always remember the advice … “Don’t make someone a priority when they have made you an option”.

I think it was relationship advice, but it works in a lot of scenarios. So I am going to be all OUT of that scenario with my “friend”. I can breathe easy knowing I’ve done my part, and tried, and reached out numerous times. But I’m taking that energy that I have been giving to them and the situation BACK. Yep, all OUT.

So there you go W3. Such wisdom in our childhood songs. What are you going to put your whole self IN on today? What are you going to put your whole self OUT on? Make sure whatever you choose, that the choices free you … that they add to the GOODness in your life. That they elevate your human experience.

You Are Loved,

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