It’s the Final Step and The Most Fun …

Happy Sunday beautiful W3!  I have had the distinct pleasure today of a financial meeting with my rockstar team finalizing tax documents, having a wonderful conversation with a dear friend, and enjoying my coffee and a view of the deer strolling outside my office window through it all.

How great of a day so far is that! So blessed. 🙂

And now I’m here with you and it’s Day 3 of Bringing the Passion and Joy Back to Your Life! Congratulations!!  This is truly so exciting to get to this step.

So just to recap …

On Day #1 you took a walk down memory lane and captured all the different experiences and activities that have brought you joy, or that activated passion in your past.

On Day #2 you dug deep and documented the feelings that those activities brought to you.

Now we are on the final step, and the final question that I have for you:

How can you add MORE of those feelings into your daily life and business?

A simple first step is to go back over the activities that you listed on day #1.  Do any of those experiences and activities still bring the same emotions, feelings, energy, vibrations to the surface for you?

I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since I rode a bike down a long meandering hill … so it’s on a list for a weekend excursion when the weather turns … but isn’t going to be an activity that fulfills me daily. 😉

Once you have exhausted the “activity and experience” list, now … go down the exercise from day #2. Remember what the feelings are that you trying to add in to your routine and on a final sheet of paper, brainstorm other activities or actions that could potentially provide that same result.

What does your heart tell you? What does your soul ache for? What comes to mind – quickly? What instinctively comes up? (It might seem “crazy”, it might be something you’d never considered before, it might stretch you (YAY!).

It is from this place dear W3 that Wild and Wise Women was built. I completely followed my heart. I listened carefully to the ache in my soul and created a community that ultimately … I needed. 

It was not a business venture.  It was not strategized with a 5 year plan. It was an activity I added to my day that brought me the peace, joy, passion, sisterhood, community, (bringing hearts together … remember that one on my list?) that I was yearning for.

And look where we are now?  Who knew that it would become a place and a space that provided the same for some of you?  That is the added joy and passion that came along with it that I couldn’t have predicted. 🙂

What I know for sure is that the Universe blesses our journey when we follow our hearts and our intentions are true. There was no “outcome” I was striving for … no “result” I was working for … I was only showing up with my heart and willing to share it.

So let us end on this beautiful Sunday with one final step.  Schedule some of that newly recognized passion and joy into your life!

Take risks, and be willing to try.  And if you try something, and it turns out it wasn’t the one … that’s ok.  Be grateful for the experience, pat yourself on the back for giving it a try, and choose something else. 🙂

This is just an adventure for YOU.  And the journey, with all its’ ups and downs, twists and turns, is truly part of the deliciousness of it all.

Happy Sunday W3. I would LOVE to hear about your experience these past three days and what you’ve discovered for your life.  Reply to this email, or post in the Facebook group, and share with us the action steps you are going to take, the joy you’ve scheduled, the passion you’ve added to your day!

And always, always remember …
You Are Loved xo

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