I Remembered What It Felt Like to Hold My Son and …

Good morning! I did something I do not do very often today … I slept in!  This is something that I celebrate, as there was a time in my life that if I had 3 hours of sleep that was a good night.

Being able to sleep in is a sign to me that all is right in my world. My mind isn’t racing with thoughts, my stomach isn’t aching with anxiety, my muscles aren’t tight with stress.  I am at peace.

And there are definitely things happening in my world that in other years would have me in a tailspin – sleepless – breathless – worried – anxious – wound up tight as a drum.

So sleeping in … that’s part of living a passion-fueled life for me believe it or not.  Being able to wake up when my body is ready (and not jumping out bed or reaching for my phone in a panic), leisurely entering my day, and excited too – knowing that we are moving into the next step of this process – which was the step that really broke it all open for me.

Living a passion-fueled life is going to look different for you. It’s going to have layers as well, and components that fill you up in different ways. And it IS just the first step to becoming really really clear about your purpose – your reason for being on this planet – as well.  It’s all SO exciting!

So yesterday you were reaching back into your memories to remember times that you felt passion or joy or purpose. And you were going to write them all down.  Did you do that? I hope so!

Now … I want you to go back over that list, item by item, and capture the feeling that the experience or activity brought you.  This can be a toughie … especially if like me at the time I was doing this work … you are cut off from your emotions – existing in survival mode.

But don’t give up! It’s key to this process!!  

I’m going to share a few examples that I personally pulled from to get to the core feelings / energy / vibrations I was looking to infuse back into my life and maybe it will help if you’re feeling stuck.

What did I love to do in my younger years?  I loved to …

  • ride my bike down long rambling hills
  • sing
  • be by the water
  • hold my son – where I could feel his heartbeat next to mine
What feelings did these activities activate for me?  
  • freedom
  • peace
  • being at “one” with nature / and others
  • bringing hearts together
  • confidence and joy in my competence (that sounds weird I know, but I am actually a good singer … and so being good at it is part of why I loved it)
  • ease … these were things that came naturally – felt instinctual / intuitive

Really spend time unwrapping this for your self.  I didn’t come to those feelings instantly … I had to dig deeper than usual to get to the core of it.

As mentioned in the webinar with Mel, a tool that I used was looking at each activity and asking “What’s so great about that?” or “What was amazing about that?” And just writing what came.

Do not filter. Do not judge your responses. Just let your soul speak … and when you’ve gone through it all – you can be surprised by what it said. I know I was.

I’ll be sending you Question #3 tomorrow, and by tomorrow evening you will have actions you can take immediately to Bring the Passion Back to Your Life!

If you have any questions about this part of the process, please reply to this email and I’ll do everything I can to address them.

We are one step closer W3. If you are willing to do the work, and really feel your way through these exercises, you WILL have actionable steps you can take that will shift your life. I know it …. because I’ve done it. 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday … it’s a day to let your soul speak.  How delicious is that?

You Are Loved xo

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PPS. The logo contest has ended with the designers for 99designs. I will post the winner in the group. We have other designs we will be considering as well, so we will keep you posted!