Your Affirmation Bonus Is Here!

Hello Beautiful One,
I want to start by thanking you for the messages and photos and videos you have been sending in of you (and your friends who you gifted the Sisterhood box to!) We love seeing the big smiles, hearing the “ooh’s and ahhh’s”, and feeling your emotion as you feel the energy of the Artisans as you hold each item.

What a special experience you’ve allowed us to be a part of! So Thank YOU!

And I’d also like to thank our development team for working through the challenges and frustrations to get the bonus completed for you … 30 Wild and Wise Inspirational Affirmations.

You can view these affirmations one by one, share them on social media, download them to your computer, and even download the entire set at once if you want to create a desktop slideshow or just have them easily accessible!

I am a firm believer that we influence our lives, and the entire Universe, thought by thought and word by word.

The words we think, become the emotions we feel, which become the beliefs that we take action toward. That means we must be very conscious of the words we choose and use.

Take a look over the affirmations beautiful one. Choose one that resonates with your spirit today.

  • Share it on social media to spread your conviction to the thought.
  • Download it so it shows up on your desktop.
  • Print it and post it on your computer screen, on your bathroom mirror, etc.
  • Carry it with you in your wallet or Sisterhood clutch or tote

Focus on this desire with deep fulfilling breaths as often as you can through the day. And FEEL the feeling of the affirmation you choose, as if you experiencing it in this very moment.

We’ll talk more about how to implement the ritual of affirmations into your daily life, and answer the most frequent questions I get about using affirmations in next week’s message.

For now, just follow your heart and choose one to focus on that speaks to you today.

You Are Loved,

PS. Here’s the link to the 30 Wild and Wise Affirmations again.  If you require any assistance at all with downloading them, or anything else Sisterhood related, please reach out to Kristen, you’ll love her and she’s there to help!

PPS. We received a most beautiful video from a member of the Sisterhood who purchased multiple memberships to be able to gift them to her friends. We LOVE this, the perfect embodiment of Sisterhood!

With the holidays coming, a Sisterhood membership makes the BEST gift!  PLUS, then you and your soul-sister bestie can attend the workshops together and have yet another chance to connect on a meaningful level. (With today’s busy and crazy lives, we often don’t get a lot of these opportunities … I know this with my own important friendships)

Use the coupon code: SharetheLove for $10 off your gift. I mean if you’re going to give a gift, surely we can too right? 

And of course, a full $15 from your gift purchase will still be contributed to the Wild and Wise Setu Projects, improving healthcare, education, working conditions and daily life for the Artisans who have contributed to your box.

It’s a full circle gift that just keeps on giving. LOVE giving gifts with meaning to the people I love. We’d be honoured if you shared the Sisterhood with the people in your life that you care about most.