But HOW Do I Start to Add Passion to My Life?

Happy Friday beautiful W3 and Welcome to all who have recently joined us from the Wake Up Your Life Event with Mel Robbins and I!

I know so many of you are still talking about how to live a passion-fueled life – and you have let us know that you are feeling a little bit stuck.

You understand needing to take on a new activity and to plow through procrastination habits but …

You still don’t know what BRINGS you passion (insert word of choice here … could be joy, purpose, ________).

So let’s start with a really simple first step.  Answer this question for me:

What did you love to do in your younger years?

I’m going to be honest … even this question stumped me for a long time.  I know that not every one of us had storybook childhoods, and yet in there somewhere – as a child – you found joy.  Because that’s what children do.

I found much of my joy as a young mom, and so I pulled from that as well. Do you remember joy from college, first jobs, having children, grandchildren, owning a home, giving back, volunteering, gardening … pull from anywhere and everywhere to capture it.

So where do you remember being happiest?  Was it …

  • Flying down the hills on your bike, wind running through your hair
  • In the kitchen with your mom/grandma/children learning/teaching to cook
  • At the dinner table, where everyone was gathered
  • Sitting quietly in nature somewhere reading, writing, drawing
  • Playing sports or music
  • Holding your baby sibling/child/grandchild as they smiled at you
  • Riding horses, playing with the dogs, cuddling with the cats
  • Digging in the dirt, getting dirty, growing things
  • Being alone
  • Being in a crowd
  • Making new friends
  • Taking risks (were you a daredevil?)

Really think about it … and more importantly FEEL IT.  It truly is a feeling here that you are trying to recapture.  Do not over-think this … just let your mind and your heart take you back to happy times. Then Write Them Down!

There are answers in these memories, there is magic here waiting to be reborn.
That’s all I want you to do right now … just answer that ONE question. And if you are willing, hit reply to this email and share your findings with me – I would love to be a part of your passion search with you!

Also … having an accountability task helps to get the exercise done I’ve found. Consider me your “partner-in-crime” so to speak, your strongest ally, your most committed support, your guide and friend through it all.

I’ll be sending you Question #2 tomorrow.  Again, it’s a question you will be able to complete within 24 hours and by Sunday evening you will have actions  you can take to Bring the Passion Back to Your Life!

I will be posting in the Wild and Wise Facebook group where you can share your exercise AND let me know that you’ve sent your email.  Here’s the link to the group:  Wild and Wise Women Facebook Group

I hope these three simple questions help you find what you are seeking W3. And as Rumi shares “What you seek is seeking you”  so let’s close that gap together!

You Are Loved xo

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