logo design contest

I Need Your Help! Please Vote.

Hey Beautiful W3,

We are in the process of running a logo design contest on 99designs for a new division of Wild and Wise Women – and have created a poll based on the 6 best logo designs we’ve received.

NOTE: We will have the opportunity to work with the logo designer to adjust the designs still, these are the final submissions – but there’s room to play within them so PLEASE when you vote also leave any suggestions or feedback you think would help!

The new project is … well, I’ll just let you click the link and all the information is there.  Please do so within the next 24 hours – as we are on a tight deadline to get feedback to the designers.

PLEASE … it means so much to me that the logo we choose was chosen by YOU.  The new division / project is called Wild and Wise YOU after all … so I ask you from the bottom of my heart to

1.   Click The Link within the next 24 hours (NOW is even better!) 😉
2.  Rate the 6 logos – Choosing Your Favorites for the Wild and Wise YOU brand
3.  Leave any feedback or suggestions on designs that you feel would improve them even more.
4. Submit

Also, feel free to share the poll with other Wild and Wise Women ~ I truly want to hear from you and for this community logo to be chosen by the community!!

** Remember in that video a few weeks ago, I mentioned something new coming?  This is one of those things!  And I’m going to be reaching out to you as well to be special guests, trainers, and presenters … so keep staying tuned as we take step after step!

I love you dearly W3 … and remember this little whisper from me

You Are Loved xo

PS.  Please do click the link and lend your thoughts and choices today … I would be so disappointed if we didn’t hear from you!

PPS.  Think you can design a better logo for our consideration?  Send it to [email protected] by midnight Saturday, March 18 – and if we agree we will include it in our final round of choices! (and yes, if yours is chosen there are rewards …. click the email address and you’ll see!)

PPS.  Also for all of you who responded to my last call-out for Creative Freelancers … (there were so many of you!) I haven’t forgotten you.  Check your inbox this week for the next response from me!

photo by Elliott Stallion via unsplash