Knock Down The Door.

It’s an early morning W3,

I’m in a hotel room just getting ready to head back out on the road, for the 5 hour drive back home with my parents.

I brought them to the town where my dad’s brother lives. To the hospital where my dad’s brother now is. To the room where my uncle now mostly sleeps, unable to speak, so that my dad could say goodbye to his brother.

I went to the hospital the other evening by myself, to spend time alone with my Uncle. As I said, he can’t speak as cancer has robbed him of that – and I can’t be sure he recognized me, or even once I explained who I was if it really made any sense to him, or if those pieces fell into place.

It doesn’t matter.

Because I knew that I was there, in that room, to BE with my Uncle Peter. To breathe with him. To touch him. To bear witness and ensure he knew the impact he made by being in my life, in this life, even if he couldn’t be sure of who I was.

We looked into each other’s eyes for minutes at a time, without a word.  Him reaching for, and holding my hand is a memory so meaningful … I will carry it always.

And I could have missed it. Easily.

Because it’s easy to pass on the opportunity. It’s easy to make the easy choice, to not take the extra step, to make an excuse and talk yourself out of it. That’s … easy.

It’s harder to show up. It’s even harder to do more than just show up. It’s hardest to knock down the door.

You know what I mean when I say knock down the door?  It’s not taking the “polite no” for an answer

We all have the people in our lives who tell us “I’m fine”, when we know they are not.

We have people who won’t ask for our help, heck won’t accept help, when we know they are struggling

We have people in our worlds we know could and would be helped by something we can offer and yet, we are afraid to take the steps that go beyond “easy”.

Often, we will show up – we will make the initial call, offer an invitation, ask ‘how are you?’ or “how can I help? … and then … with the response (in all its’ variations) of “no really I’m fine,” we stop – confident that we’ve done all we could

I mean really … we offered right?

The same can be said in your business as well. You can pat yourself on the back for reaching out to a prospect, for sending an email, for creating an offer – that’s showing up.  And that’s important, and that’s great!

The next part … the scary, uncomfortable, uneasy, uncertain part? That’s knocking down the door.

That’s the followup. That’s the above and beyond. That’s the over-deliver. That’s the giving without expectation of receiving. That’s not taking no for an answer. That’s knocking down the door.

But here’s the secret I want to share with you. Sometimes knocking down the door is just showing up more oftenlonger, at a different time, with different words.

Sometimes knocking down the door, like sitting alone with my Uncle when he doesn’t know who I am, doesn’t require any words at all.

You can change the world W3, by just choosing to show up, to BE, to breathe, to touch.

You can change YOUR world, by knocking down the door.

Well, time to hit the road. It will be a beautiful drive and I’m grateful for these past few days.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

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