I Am Going All Out For You!

I Am Going All Out For You!

Hey Beautiful W3 ~ Happy Sunday!

​I am going to jump right in this morning to tell you what we are working on over here because I am SO excited about it!

Being that we ARE wild and wise, we are creating a hybrid – all in – super experience for you.

YES. We are creating a membership that will be filled with trainings, interviews, live Q&A’s, covering as many aspects of your life as we can … business, creativity, dreams and passions, relationships, family and more.

We have already connected with a professional mermaid, a bookkeeper who will show you how you can figure out what to charge for your product or service, a winemaker making inspirational wines, a W3 who sails the caribbean for a living, another who has left her life here and relocated to the Dominican and owns and runs a business there in tropical paradise, experts on Passion, Making Dreams Come True, Love, Parenting AND Getting Things Done – just to name a few).

Scouring the globe for the most amazing Wild and Wise Women to spotlight and share their amazingness with all of us (at a low cost so it is accessible by as many of you as possible – because that is important to me!)

AND we are adding on a personalized component. I mean personalized with inspirational words / phrases texted to you from me, to remind you to breathe, be grateful, love well –

AND personal motivational voice messages from ME and love and surprises in the mail (including favorite things of mine that I have found in my journey – yes, including those things that make our heart hum like books, coffee, inspiration, meditation, jewelery, journals, socks!) 😉

AND additional life classes and “office hours” where you can speak with me personally.

AND virtual and real world retreats so that everyone can attend no matter where you live or your circumstance.

AND …. lol more.

I am going all out W3.  ALL out. For you. I want to create the most value-rich, content packed, personal, REAL, unique experiences for you AND the W3 team.

AND … we are sweating it out over here to keep it so that the version with ALL the bells and whistles (because not everyone wants ALL the bells and whistles and to be in contact with me personally) stays under $50/month – with a version also under $25/month that would make sure you had access to all the spotlight sessions, exclusive trainings, etc.

You know me, I insist on being transparent about what we are up to and planning, partially because it’s just who I am … and partially and importantly because I want to hear from you.  Is it something you would even be interested in?

And of course, for anyone not wanting to swim in that pool at this time, of course we will still be offering lots of content in our emails, and continuing with the Facebook page etc.

Do me a favour W3 … shoot me an email to [email protected] to tell me and the team “Heck Yea I’m Interested!”  “Keep It Coming!”

You know how much we care right?   And you know ….

You Are Loved Right? Well let me say it again just so it really sinks in.


Christa xo

PS. Please send us an email back letting us know what you think. We are eager for your feedback AND we would love to feel some of your love and encouragement!  [email protected] is where to send that!

PPS. Oh, and send along any bells and whistles YOU might like to see. What would you love to receive from Wild and Wise Women and me personally? What products out there in the world tickle your fancy? What is missing from other experiences you’ve had that you would be over the moon if we implemented?  We’re listening!​​​​​​​ xoxoxo

Corinne Kutz