Get clear about what you believe in

I Am So Confused.

Good morning W3!

I don’t know about you, but I am subscribed to a number of different “newsletters” ranging from business, marketing, communities, and people who’s service or product I adore.

For awhile now I’ve been seeing in the messages some of the people I admire greatly doing something that I just don’t understand.

New actions are being taken that are in direct contradiction with everything they have been teaching and advising they believe in.  I just don’t understand!

Don’t get me wrong, I completely get needing or just wanting to go in a new direction – to try something different, BUT in a direction completely opposed to everything you’ve been sharing for years?

And maybe this change is more in line with what you “truly” believe, and everything that came before is the untruth. I of course, don’t know.

But to me, here’s the part that I really struggle with most. Trying to sell ME that it’s best for ME – and that’s why you’re taking these new steps.

And you know the kicker? I haven’t even unsubscribed yet because I believed in the previous message, and so I’m waiting to see if this is just a phase, or if something is going to shift that will make it all make sense again.

So why am I even mentioning this? Because of course, I look for the message in it all. (The Universe crafts up these experiences for my learning specifically didn’t you know?) 😉

Especially as I am building another wild and wise space – and exploring what I want to ensure is present in this new experience.

Truth. is one of those things.
Safety and Consistency of values and vision.
Service and Value in such over abundant ways that it’s crazy and awesome and unbelievably worthy of your time and energy.
Collaboration because it is all for you, about you, and alot of it … by you.
Creative – I love doing things no one else has thought of yet.
Celebration – High vibration energy overflowing shiny and bright

No stress, no hustle, no huckster(ing), no pressure, no constant upsell, downsell, parallel sell, cross sell, no fake scarcity, urgency, or other marketing buzzword or tactic …

I want it to be different.  It WILL be different. Am I crazy? Maybe. Is it impossible? I refuse to believe it.

But there is also something else here for all of us W3. Get clear about what you believe in. What you represent. What you stand for. What is non-negotiable. What you want IN your life – and what you want OUT of your life.

This isn’t an easy exercise, or a quick one. It’s an evolution – we know that. And it takes time to unwrap all the layers of emotion and triggers, reactions and wounds to get to the real stuff down underneath it all.

Are you taking actions that are in direct contradiction with what you believe in W3? Personally or professionally?  My loving question to you if so is … Why?

And whatever your answer may be, make no mistake … whether you are working through something or this is just the new you …

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. Tell me what YOU want in these new spaces and the new Wild and Wise You community? What’s important to YOU? Hit Reply and tell us, I really REALLY want to know!

PPS. We are needing to postpone our Wine Wednesday Girls Night one more week! We will be sending out the invitations this week so keep an eye out. Wondering what this event is going to be about?

It’s a girlfriend gabfest – a sisterhood soul circle – a no-holds barred conversation spanning whatever comes up (just like when you get together with your girlfriends).

What’s on your mind? Career – love – relationships – family – passion – success … we’ll take your questions, and you can weigh in.

PPS. Wine is not mandatory! Bring along your favorite beverage – this is about the connection and the discussion – the sharing and the love … the beverage is an accessory (like a pretty bracelet). xo