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I Could Barely Get Out of Bed 


Good morning beautiful W3,

If you’ve been on my list for 6 months without opening- we are looking at letting you go and setting you free.

So with that in mind I wanted to share with you, one thing that I have been experiencing since our coaching sessions (remember we did those 30 minute sessions for $99 a few months ago?) is that I have been hearing from many of you asking for another opportunity to schedule a session with me.

And while there is no question that those sessions were powerful and life-changing for those who participated, we also only skimmed the surface of changes you wanted to make, and the shifts you wanted to explore due to the limit of 30 minutes –

So here’s what we are going to do instead.

I am offering 2 hours of time with me, in a group of 4-5 people, to have a live session together where you bring your “life” to the table, and you are coached in person by me, and also learn from the lives of the wild and wise ‘sisters’ who are participating with you.

If you were to book these one-on-one, 2 hours would be $400 – which I know would make this opportunity impossible for some of our community. So I am offering these two hours for less than 1/2 of that amount – $175.

I am only going to book these sessions if there is enough interest (I honestly just can’t book as many one-on-one sessions as are being asked of me right now AND I truly believe in the “power of the pack” which these group sessions provide).

So if YOU would like to participate in a:

Power of the Pack Session
2 hours of live in person coaching with Christa
In a group setting with 4-5 others
For $175

Write back to me at [email protected].  We will address the challenges you are currently facing, and I know we’ll be talking about how to add more passion to your life, and how to take next steps on dreams and goals, and how to tap into that Wild Woman that is inside all of us.

I promise you will come away with more clarity, tactical steps to move forward stronger and faster, and results that will make the difference in your life that you are looking for.

And if this is not for you, that is totally, completely ok too!  No pressure, no expectations here … purely wanting to offer what I can to meet your requests. 🙂

Make sure you are continuing to hang out with us w3, for we do have TWO drawings, chosen from all subscribers, for personal presents from me coming up and all the other awesome and crazy stuff we do.

And one final note as I sign off today. Thank you SO much for all your messages, comments and posts sending love and healing energy when I mentioned I was not feeling well.  I am much better today and I firmly believe that is a result of your love.

The Power of the Pack. Yup. Don’t underestimate it. 😉

You Are SO Loved,

Christa xo

PS. If you haven’t joined us yet, come on over to the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club. It’s free and is just going to be a delicious addition to the summer!  We’re reading Women Who Run With the Wolves together!

PPS. Also our next Wild and Wise Live (previously called Wine Wednesday) is coming up June 28 and I so hope you’ll join us! This is the opportunity for real, live, unscripted discussion and as one of our last attendees told us … “it was magic”.  You don’t want to miss out on magic do you? 😉 So register here (this is

also free W3 and I promise no one has a course to sell you) 😉  xo

photo by nomao saeki via unsplash