wild and wise book club

A Wild and Wise Summer Book Club 

I am excited again! We are going to have the BEST wild and wise summer together W3.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer I think of lazy summer days, a time to relax, a time to renew, a time to READ!

Now, I know for most of us … a whole summer of relaxing isn’t likely to happen – being that we live in the world and all 😉 a world that requires jobs and families and responsibilities …

BUT we can relax “some”, and we can renew, and we can READ!

So … I am going to be announcing a Wild and Wise Summer Book Club!

I will be choosing one book that we will read together over the months of July and August and we will have our own clubhouse (aka Facebook group) to meet at, to discuss and share as it provokes thoughts and ideas – challenges and … welcomes us home.

I feel that way about books don’t you?

This is a free book club and I can’t even tell you how happy my heart is at the thought of creating it, and sharing it … with you.

Another way to Inspire a Collective Heartbeat which is my purpose in this world.

I will be announcing our first book in a grand book reveal right here so make sure you stay subscribed!

AND I will also be having a draw / contest or two to win a copy of the book with a personal inscription by me

(Now I know …. I’m not the author but I promise it will be a heartfelt and personal handwritten message that I hope will be special for you as this book stays on your bookshelf as ‘must read’ and ‘most-read’ list).

So start preparing your reading corner.  Start browsing for the perfect notebook or journal to capture your thoughts as we journey through this book.  Find the perfect pen – or maybe you draw your thoughts, then pull out your color sticks or paints, and invite your friends!

I love reading with my friends and have told the story many times how a very good friend of mine – who you have now maybe met on our W3 Wine Wednesday event, would pass books back and forth over and over, with notes in the margin, phrases underlined, a rainbow of thoughts as our experiences changed and we were shaped differently each time we read a particular book.

They are treasures.

I want this experience to be a treasure for you – so I hope you’ll join us! I’m putting all the details together now and will announce the chosen book on Saturday June 3.

Saturdays are good book club days don’t you think?

Happy Monday W3. Happy wild and wise summer coming our way. Happy reading!

Oh, my heart is so happy!!

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

photo by Ben White via unsplash