worries out the door

Send Your Worries Out The Door … 

Good morning beautiful W3,

As you know, things have been busy here in the Wild and Wise World.

Members are already joining the free Wild and Wise Summer Book Club Facebook Group preparing for the July 1 start date of reading Women Who Run With the Wolves together.

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We are still working hard on the subscription site, and I’ve been meeting and interviewing wild and wise women with exciting, informative, inspiring stories and lives that will be helping all of us pave the way to fine-tuning even more to creating the very best version of our lives personally and professionally.

AND I’m going to have a new and exciting announcement coming your way later this week about an incredible collaboration we are working on that is … well … awesome!

Now, I want to take just a minute to talk about “Perfect“.  What does that word mean to you – what comes up even when you read it? Emotion? Triggers? Reaction?

We all know that the “generic” definition of this word that we’ve all learned doesn’t exist in real life. That nothing is perfect and yet, that all is perfect in its’ imperfection.

Many years ago I was working with the philosophy that true enlightenment is when we accept all that comes our way – the circumstances, the situations, the challenges, the joys, the loves, the goodbyes … all of it – as ‘perfect’ – then, and only then, we are close to that of which we seek.

Practicing this philosophy required me to redefine the word perfect, and once I did that … a number of things happened.

1. I was able to create a ritual for myself, and as I go through my day and thoughts (worries and stress) pop to the surface, I am able to breathe through the experience.

The ritual has become a tool for relaxation as I deeply inhale, eyes closed, a smile on my face, and release the thought with a kind pat and imagined parting words of “Thank you very much, you are free to go now”.

(I really visualize this exchange and say these words inside my head).

The resulting state of mind … clear, at peace, content, happy, calm … is perfect.

Another deep inhale and exhale and I carry on with my day – extending this state of mind further and further.

There are other pieces of this practice that I will share with you of course, but today I just wanted to leave you with a ritual to practice for your own Self.

Worry, stress, anxiety … the negative self-talk and stories that can play on repeat inside our heads … they have been around long enough. It’s time to send them on their way – with a kind and loving pat toward the open door ;).

Keep repeating this ritual W3, visualize it, BELIEVE it and you can create your own “perfect” state of mind that I promise will grow to encompass more and more of your day as you practice.

“Thank you very much, you are free to go now”.

These words have become magical in my life – that’s why I share them with you.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

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photo by Monica Silva via unsplash