We have a winner

We Have A New Winner

Alright beautiful W3,

I know you have been waiting on this announcement … it was delayed “slightly” due to my insistence that everyone who has submitted their email to us and has not unsubscribed was included.

I told you I was stubborn …

So that meant I needed to export everyone from various places because as you may also know … our email platform has been … um … challenging. 🙂

But all is good! I did it! I made sure every single one of you who trusted us with your email address, and did not unsubscribe, was included. Exported into one list and then used our random selection process to select a new winner! *whew* (apologies for the delay).

The New Winner of the Wild and Wise June Draw IS …

of Mesquite, TX

So here’s another wonderful thing about us here at wild and wise.  You are not forced to provide your last name.  We will be sending a personal email to Jennifer of course – so if your first name is Jennifer, and you live in Mesquite, Texas – it is possible this is you!!

We will also post on FB and in the groups to give Jennifer every possible opportunity to recognize she has been chosen and to confirm with us so that I can send my gift!!

Thank you for your patience W3. Sometimes when I come up with a joy-drenched idea, the logistics become more cumbersome than I first imagine. But we power through!

We also hope with all our hearts that Jennifer will “unbox” her gift on video – or send us a message – that we can share with all of you because we do have another June drawing coming up AND goodness knows … this gift-giving thing is here to stay in one form or another. 😉

Also THANK YOU for all your messages about gifts that you love to receive! My inbox is full and I’m having a fabulous time reading your emails. It may take me a bit to respond, but do know they are being read, and appreciated, and every word and every moment you take out of your busy lives to send them to me is appreciated beyond measure. <3

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. We are still welcoming wild and wise book lovers into the FREE Wild and Wise Summer Book Club.  You are not too late! We don’t “officially” begin to read together until July 1 ~ however, the excitement and chats have begun as everyone gears up! Join us – this is the best book club of the summer!

PPS. June 28 is our Wild and Wise Live FREE, online, live event. Real wild and wise women, real conversations – real emotion, real challenges and solutions in real time –  as we discuss life, love, happiness, and share strategies and tips to increasing joy and passion in our lives.

photo by David Everett Strickler via unsplash