Your Video Broadcast Is Here! 

Hello beautiful W3!

The broadcast of our Wednesday discussion is ready for you! (yes, we are still tinkering with details – but I wanted you to have it in your hands to view at your leisure as the weekend comes upon us!)

I am so proud to introduce you to my friends – Verlaine, Heather, Ali, Tiffany and Diana and for this real and honest discussion. Click to access it now.

What a rich and luscious discussion we had with topics ranging from boundaries, sisterhood, self-care, success, balance, and more … and you were there to chime in and ask questions and participate. Thank YOU!

Next time I would love to take some live calls … let me see how I can work that out (meaning … Diana ? Can you work that out for me please?) 😉

We will be planning one for next month as well, so stay here … subscribed … to get all the details.

Keeping this short and sweet W3. Have a beautiful weekend (a long weekend for many of you) and let us know what you think of the video – as always we want to hear from you.

Here’s that link again.

You Are Loved,
Christa xo

PS. Keep in mind, this is not a polished professional film shoot. We are each in our homes on our web cams tuning in – so the video and audio do represent that. 🙂