Sometimes it IS About the Bacon 

Good morning beautiful W3,

I am a little tardy in sending my email this morning because I just had to take a few moments to sit by myself, quietly, with my book (you might be able to guess which book that might have been) 😉 indulging with a few slices of bacon.

Yes, you read that right … with a few slices of bacon.

I just wanted to sit and savour, nibble and nosh, both on the words in Women Who Run With the Wolves (I know you had already guessed!) and on the salty goodness of these few little slices of turkey bacon.

What’s delicious about this, (besides literally the deliciousness of bacon) is that this is what I wanted on this beautiful morning, and in creating this life of my design I made the choice to give those moments to myself.  And they WERE delicious!

All of this to say … YOU Wild and Wise, also have the opportunity to create a delicious life of your design; and it can be celebrated in just small savouring moments.

It is not always needed (or possible) to turn your life completely upside down. Sometimes being able to have the freedom to make and follow through on small delicious choices – to double-up on the simple joys – to amplify the laughter and love quotient is like throwing open the shades after a deep dark winter to find your home flooded with LIGHT!

The important part, and often most difficult, is getting clarity on what exactly it IS that would make your life one you are excited about every day. And experimenting with that can be a whole lot of fun as you figure it out!

So say “so long” to the status quo if it is does make your fingers and toes tingle with excitement (or peace, or contentment, or fulfillment, or passion, or purpose). And commit to “getting your groove back”. And together we’ll figure out for you, what that means.</>

For me, I am here writing to you surrounded by piles of beautiful objects. Items that we are considering for our upcoming subscription sites to share with you.

We have to love them you see, alot. In order to share them with you – we have to LOVE them. That is another little infusion of joy into this day for me.  (I also LOVE joy infusions … like a vitamin boost!)

So find a joy infusion for your day W3. It’s a summer to get your wild and wise on … (did I just say that? lol maybe only two slices of bacon next time ….. ) 😉 Let’s throw open the shades … the light is just waiting to shine in!

You Are Loved,
Christa xo

PS. Yep, the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club is still growing. If for some craaazy reason you haven’t heard … our summer book is Women Who Run With the Wolves. Join us in the book club. It’s free and you will find a sisterhood in the group as we unravel this book together. We so hope you decide to come along for this meaningful ride.

PPS. We selected our first winner of the June Wild and Wise Draw, congratulations Kate McComb! Kate, we have reached out to you and hope to hear from you soon! If we have not heard from Kate by Monday … we will be picking a new winner (this gift belongs in a wild and wise woman home!) xoxo

photo by Andrew Ridley via unsplash