It’s Going To Be A Wild and Wise Summer xo 

Good morning beautiful W3,

And no matter where you are (or what time or date it is – I know we have beautiful souls reading this from all over the world!) it truly IS beautiful isn’t it?

I want to let you know what we have happening here in the W3 world for the month of June, for it is exciting!

To start with, as you know we have created a Wild and Wise Summer Book Club, and on Saturday, June 3 I will be revealing the book we will be reading together for the summer.

I have created a separate FB group for our discussions, and there you will find a suggested reading schedule, book club guidelines, inspiration related to the book, discussion topics and more.

You certainly do not have to take part, but it’s going to be great so I do hope you stop by (and I think you’ll really like the book selection too).  Oh, and it’s free – just in case you were wondering about that. 🙂

On Wednesday, June 14 we will be selecting our first random draw winner! Remember – I LOVE presents and so in June I will be doing some random draws and sending presents to your door (if you’re the winner!).

To qualify, you need to do nothing more than be a subscriber to this very list so stay subscribed. I love presents and this just makes my heart happy!

On Wednesday, June 28 we will be having our second Wild and Wise Wine Wednesday event.  The feedback has been really incredible, even I didn’t know it would resonate so strongly (even though I knew you would love my friends as much as I do).

Some of the feedback so far includes:


The topics were real. It was a pleasure to watch and I’m looking forward to the
next one.  Char

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this ???? I have some amazing women to
look up to and learn from .  Amber

It was magic – I loved it! Lisa


I will also be providing very short weekly videos from me to you W3. You will be able to access them right here, through the emails I send, and they too are free.

I just want to give and share as much as I can W3.

Oh … and one more thing I should mention – we are also launching a store, so stay on the lookout for that!

It is a jam-packed month of June and I am kicking off the celebrations early so stay tuned for a wild and wise summer.

You Are SO Loved W3,

Christa xo

PS. Our summer book club discussion will begin July 1 – so you will have the entire month of June to get the book and even get started on the reading. I am so excited about this!

PPS. ok ok … you’re eager and want to get squared away in the Facebook group now?  Here’s the link:  Wild and Wise Summer Book Club

photo by Bảo-Quân Nguyễn via unsplash