We’re Being Lied To

Good morning beautiful W3,

Today I am looking out at snow covered mountains. Yesterday at this time, not a flake in sight! We certainly didn’t pack for “winter” when we came to the Wild and Wise Retreat House, but you can bet, I will be throwing on my sweater and shivering so that I can experience the first snow on the lake down on the beach.

The beach is where my soul sleeps.  Not sleeps as in never to wake again, more like takes a leisurely, decadent, deep soul nap. Where all the worries leave me, my body relaxes, I breathe deeply and all is right in the world in those moments. So I’ll even shiver some for that feeling!

I want to use this message today W3 to ask you to be conscious as you interact online. I’ve been paying extra close attention this last week and the amount of advertising, sponsored posts, and promotions with contradictory and exaggerated promises and claims are rampant.

It actually hurts my heart to see who much we are all being lied to.

“SOLD OUT” (not really ….) “$200 Value, no $300 Value, NO over $400 value” (depending which ad you see) …

“I MADE $$$$$$ in Less Than 30 Days – You Can Too. It’s Easy, Let Me Show You How!” (well, the truth is you CAN make a lot of money in 30 days … and you will likely spend as much on FB ads to do it – I know many MANY internet marketers who have incredible revenue stories but they can’t pay their bills because their expenses aren’t even at break even.

AND … let’s be really clear … it’s NOT easy. But I digress. I just want to send a message out to YOU W3. Because you are what matters to me.

You know I’ve said it before, don’t be afraid to ask questions – especially if you are purchasing something. Support the companies and the people you believe in and trust.

What we do here at W3 isn’t easy.

It’s sometimes crazy overwhelming, expensive, complicated, stressful and hard. But that’s ok – I knew what I was signing on for, and I had no illusions about what it really takes to build something amazing and sustaining. (That’s us W3, amazing and sustaining!) 😉

After all, with Wild and Wise WomenWild and Wise SisterhoodWild and Wise Global, our Wild and Wise Discussion GroupBook Club (new book being announced soon!), Facebook Page … whew! Let’s just stop there, I’m tired. 😉

AND there are of course the other parts too … the joy and excitement, the thrill when something comes together “easily”, the love on the W3 team and in the community, so much goodness!

I will ALWAYS have your back. I will ALWAYS tell you the truth. I will ALWAYS look out for you and every member of our tribe.

Make Google your friend W3. Take the time to do a little research on the company or individual you are thinking of joining or investing in. Make SURE the energy of that organization or person is the energy you want to be engaged with.

With the time of year we are approaching there will be more, not less, promotions, claims, requests, advertisements, and promises.

Choose well my beautiful W3.

Choose consciously.

Together we’ve got this.

You Are Loved,

PS. We are busy as bees over here, creating the feature page for our live class on November 26 (unveiled soon!), as well as a November only surprise based on your requests (unveiled soon!), and the affirmations in Bonus #3 of joining the membership (also unveiled soon!).

Basically, we have overloaded our development team with all the awesome stuff we are offering and announcing, and so they are working hard to get it all completed for you.